Many have sort the uses of Tarot to seek information about themselves and others for hundreds of years; Kings and Queens and the nobility have used these tools to discern what pathways are on offer from the multiverse to keep themselves in positions of abundance and you can use Tarot for the same purpose.

But Tarot is not just a tool to see beyond but is a tool to motivate and inspire individuals (especially when times seem rough).

Still, there is a truth that needs to be made clear (not many practitioners of Tarot would admit this because of the vibrational aspect of all things).

​There are two sides to us beings

    1. Conscious mind and
    2. sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind will focus on life’s present/survival task/mundane tasks. At the same time, the subconscious mind will focus on dreams and aspirations or things that have been set aside but need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

​Tarot will assist an individual being to not only clear the clutter in one’s mind but also to focus on one’s options/pathways/and decisions of all kinds.

 Conducting this process with Tarot will provide clarity of mind and trigger your “FREE WILL” of choice, but with every choice made, there is an “EFFECT” that plays out. More about “free will” and “Cause & Effect” on the blog page.


Has anyone ever said to you “well its your choice!” or “its totally up to you!” or maybe “only you can make that decision for yourself!” and thought OMG! That’s why I was asking for your opinion! Here is what everyone is really saying… You have to make that choice, because at the end of the day you have to live with the consequences…

Yeah its true that’s what people are really telling you. There is no amount of advice, and or opinions that can help you to make those choices you need to make for yourself.

Your probably thinking “yeah ok I get that, but why is it that I can’t blame someone else for my choices; I mean I got the advice from such and such” Well here is why! Your busy going about life creating your life’s journey (better yet) your living your best life the only way you know how to. But there is a catch to all this and it begins with UNIVERSAL LORE! (Well that’s what I call them). These LORES come from common sense in a nut shell. I mean, lets put it this way you wouldn’t want to drive a car that has no warrant of fitness right. You would be getting pulled over left right and center and clocking up all those tickets, and racking up those demerit points until you either lost your license or worse cause an accident where others became seriously hurt in some form or another!

And this brings me back to chatting about FREE WELL to choose. We all have free will to choose what we do with our lives as long as we don’t impact on anyone else’s happiness and vice versa. In sort we can either follow our intuition or not, but we must be ready to take responsibility or accept what happens next.